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Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme was launched by the Government of India on 15 September 1964 for bilateral cooperation and technical assistance. Under ITEC and its sister Programme SCAAP (Special Commonwealth African Assistance Programme), 161 countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe (including former USSR), Latin America, the Caribbean as well as Pacific and Small Island Countries are invited to share in the Indian developmental experience acquired over six decades in various fields.

ITEC is about cooperation and partnership for mutual benefit. It is response-oriented and it addresses the needs of developing countries. India possesses rich experience in the field of economic development as well as manpower skills and technology suited to the geographical and ecological conditions of partner countries. ITEC programme is an initiative of the Government of India’s capacity building effort in various fields.

The professionals and people from ITEC partner countries are offered unique training courses in different centres of excellence in India which empower them with not just professional skills, but prepare them for an increasingly globalized world. There are 47 empanelled institutions conducting 280 short-term, medium-term and long-term courses during the year. The training Programme is demand-driven and subjects selected are of interest to partner countries for their working professionals on a wide range of skills and disciplines.

The training is offered in various subjects such as accounts, audit, banking and finance, management, computers, advanced computing, information technology, telecommunications, labour issues, entrepreneurship development, small medium enterprises (SME) business development, rural development, English-language proficiency, mass communication, educational planning and management, tool design, pharmaceuticals, education and research, textile research, environment and renewable energy etc. (This is an indicative list. For an exhaustive list, please see ITEC Brochure 2019-20).

The ITEC programme is fully funded by the Government of India. All expenses related to training programme such as course fees, living allowance, book allowance, study tours, emergency medical assistance as well as return air fares are borne by the Government of India.

Russia & ITEC

Russia has been an important ITEC partner country since 1993. Over 1500 Russians have so far participated in various ITEC courses and in 2019-20, 70 Russian officials/businessmen/nationals have undergone training in India till now. ITEC has been of great advantage in fostering contacts between Indian entrepreneurs and the new generation of Russian decision makers, whose exposure to India’s management and technological institutes would enrich their capabilities in the industrial and financial sectors.

ITEC courses are most popular in the fields of banking, entrepreneurship development, small enterprises, management and diplomacy. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has played a major role in bringing ITEC programme to the attention of the many regions/republics, which of the Russian Federation. Several Russian journalists were trained at the Indian Institute and Mass Communications in journalism.

For more details on the ITEC training courses including the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, procedures for sending application forms contact Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh, ITEC Coordinator by, tel: +7 (495) 783-75-35 ext. 241.