“Embassy Open House” for Indian Nationals in the Russian Federation

1. Embassy of India, Moscow, has an existing “walk-in” system to resolve issues facing members of the Indian community in Russia. As per this procedure, any person with a concern requiring immediate attention can meet, during office hours, with the appropriate Embassy officer as per the following work distribution:

For Community Welfare, Consular and Educational issues:
Shri Alok Raj, Minister (Education & Community Welfare)
Tel: 8-495-917 1436
Email: edu.moscow@mea.gov.in

For Consular issues:
Shri Sidhartha Shashni, First Secretary (Consular)
Tel: 8-495-916 2353
Email: cons.moscow@mea.gov.in

For Economic and Investment issues: 

Shri S. Inbasekar, Counsellor (Economic & Commercial)
Tel: 8-495-783 7534
Email:  eco.moscow@mea.gov.in

For Customs and Trade issues:
Shri S. Inbasekar, Counsellor (Economic & Commercial)
Tel: 8-495-917 1752
Email:  eco.moscow@mea.gov.in

         This “walk-in” system will continue to function.

2. Furthermore, the Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation / Deputy Chief of Mission would be available for an “Open House” on every Wednesday from 1630 hrs – 1730 hrs. Any person with a petition or unresolved issue that he/she would like to raise is welcome to arrive at the Embassy of India, Moscow, between 1600-1630 hrs on a Wednesday at the main Embassy building at 6-8 Vorontsovo Polye. In case the Embassy is closed on a Wednesday due to an official holiday, then the Open House procedure will be applied the following day.

3. In addition, in case of an emergency arising over the weekend or on a holiday requiring the Embassy’s urgent intervention, kindly contact Shri J. Senthil, Assistant Consular Officer, Mobile: 8-926 808 4929, who will guide you. For any clarification, email: cons.moscow@mea.gov.in