Economic & Commercial Wing

The Economic & Commerce Wing, together with the Trade Wing also functions as the Trade Representation of India in the Russian Federation. Besides promoting bilateral trade and investment, the wing also provides a platform for business interactions and provides assistance in establishing business contact. It provides regular updates on economic and financial developments in India and the Russian Federation including upcoming trade events in both the countries.

2.  The Economic & Commerce Wing also acts as a nodal point for contact between various Indian Government Ministries, Departments, Chambers of Commerce and business associations. It also acts as a link between various federal states in India and the federal regions in the Russian Federation.

3.  The Wing regularly organizes events such as business meetings, seminars, round tables and workshops and provides assistance to individual businesspersons looking for business contacts in other country. A monthly newsletter circulated by the Economic & Commerce Wing is one of the main initiatives to reach out to our clientele and friends who are indispensable to our efforts to forge closer trade and economic ties between our two countries.