Life Certificate for Central Government Pensioners

“Life Certificate for Central Government Pensioners: As you may be aware, every pensioner is required to submit life certificate in the month of November for continuation of his/her pension. Pensioners residing abroad can now submit life certificates by visiting the Embassy in person. However, if a pensioner is unable to make an appearance in person, the Embassy will assist the person in submitting requisite documents pertaining to Life Certificate. For this, pensioner may call at +7 495 783 7535, Extn. 282 or 295 during office hours.

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and keeping in view the vulnerability of elderly population to Corona Virus, it has now been decided by the Government of India to extend the existing timeline for submission of Life Certificate. This year, all Central Government pensioners may submit Life Certificate from 1 November, 2020 onward, till 31 December 2020. However, the pensioners in the age group of 80 years and above can submit Life Certificate from 1 October, 2020 onwards to 31 December, 2020.”