Consular related Services –Document Checklist

General Instructions:-

1. For services related to other miscellaneous consular services:-

√ Applicant’s physical appearance is mandatory,

√ In case of minor applicants, presence of father & mother alongwith the minor child at the time of application is mandatory.

√ Application forms for various consular services may be downloaded from the embassy website or collected from the consular wing.

√ Fee paid for consular services is non refundable.

√ Consular Officer reserves the right to call for additional documents if required.

2. Bachelorhood Certificate :- The Embassy has no authority to issue “Bachelorhood Certificate” in respect of any Indian national. Any individual who desires such a declaration may have to obtain the declaratory decree from the competent court in India. The same may be apostilled from India and submitted directly to the Civil Registration Authorities in Russia.

3. Timing for Consular Services:-

Timing for submission of application: 10:00 to 12:30 hrs (with prior appointment).

Timing for collection of documents: 14:00 to 16:00 hrs. (No prior appointment required) on any working day.

4. Identity Certificate:

√ One colour photo size 40 mm x 40 mm in white background of the applicant

√ Duly completed form for miscellaneous consular services

√ Copies of valid passport, valid Russian visa and valid Russian Registration of the applicant

5. Attestation of Commercial Documents:


√ Commercial document issued by Russian side should be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation

√ Commercial document issued from other foreign countries should be attested by the embassy of that country in Russia.

Document Checklist:

√ One colour photo size 40 mm x 40 mm in white background of the applicant

√ Duly filled up attestation form

√ Copy of valid passport

√ An authority letter (in English) from the concerned Russian company/organization where applicant’s name, passport number, Russian company’s registration number, purpose for attestation and details of their Indian partner (name, office address/contact and their registration number in India) where the document is to be submitted in India.

6. Attestation of educational documents:

Please note that all educational documents like degree/diploma issued by Russian educational institutions may be attested from the Ministry of Education/Ministry of Justice and apostilled from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation following which the applicants need not visit the Embassy for legalization/attestation and the same can be presented directly to concerned authorities in India.

Issuing and Accepting Apostilles

The Hague Apostille Convention, 1961, abolishes the requirement of legalization of foreign documents for use in any member country, once an Apostille certificate (including e-Apostille) has been issued by a competent authority of the country where the document originates. Therefore, no further attestation or legalization by an Indian Mission/Post of an apostilled document is required for use in India as India is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Copy of a Note on “Issuing and Accepting Apostilles” regarding the provision, is enclosed for ready reference. The full text of the Hague Apostille Convention and list of its member countries are available at: .

Merger of PIO and OCI Schemes:-

Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card scheme has been withdrawn by Government of India and has been merged with Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card scheme w.e.f 9th January 2015. Hence as per Government of India Gazette Notification No.11 dated 9th January 2015, all PIO cardholders will be deemed to be Overseas Citizens of India cardholder. Therefore, the Embassy of India, Moscow will no longer be issuing PIO cards. Fresh applications will be accepted only for OCI cards.

Application for re-issuance of International Driving Permit (IDP):-

A new consular service for application for re-issuance of International Driving Permit is being included and comes into effect w.e.f. 15.2.2021. The process will involve the following steps:

a) Applicant will have to fill the Miscellaneous Consular Service Form to avail this service (applicant may please enclosed self attested copies of passport, valid Indian Driving License and expired IDP and a photograph).

b) On submission of application, a printed receipt will be issued to the applicant.

c) Finally, applicant will have to apply for fresh issue of IDP through the portal and will upload the documents, including the receipt issued by the Embassy.

d) On verification of the documents, the Licensing Authority in India shall issue the IDP and courier it directly to the address of the applicant.