Commercial Representative

The Commercial Representative is responsible for the Economic & Commercial cooperation between India & the Russian Federation. The Office of the Commercial Representative facilitates contact with various Indian Government Ministries /Departments and also provides information about the trade and economic data, information about Indian & Russian companies, and organizes business events such as seminars, workshop, business-round table etc.

The Office of the Commercial Representative works under the supervision of the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission and comes under the Commerce Wing of the Embassy of India, Moscow.

The present Commercial Representatives are:

Sr. No Name Contact details

Mr. S. Inbasekar

Counsellor (Economic & Commercial and Trade)

+7 (495) 698 5651


Mr. George Thomas

TS (Com & Eco)

+7 495 9171 506

For all updates and information on upcoming business events/fairs/conferences/exhibitions in India and Russia, Visit us at our page