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Start your journey to the mesmerizing world of Indian art and culture.
Discover new facets of India with the Indian classical dance and Indian classical instrumental and vocal music at Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre in Moscow.


Dr. Brijesh Kumar Gupta

Dr. Brijesh Kumar Gupta is a Yoga Guru at the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Moscow. He is a Doctorate in Yoga Therapy. He has travelled globally and was appointed to Kazakhstan to teach yoga. He has an experience of more than 25 years in teaching yoga. His book on “YOGA and HEALTH” published in Hindi, English, and Russians languages was widely appreciated.

Indian classical dance

Kathak Guru Deepak Gangani

Kathak Guru Deepak Gangani comes from a traditional dance and music family of the Jaipur gharana. Since childhood, he pursued his legacy from his father, Guru Ravi Kumar Gangani. For professional training, he joined Kathak Kendra, the National Institute of Kathak Dance in New Delhi, where he trained under the legendary Guru Geetanjali Lal ji and completed his diploma under the guidance of Guru Rajendra Kumar Gangani. He got early opportunities to work with eminent Gurus.

After obtaining his degree, he started working as a professional dancer and Guru. He has over 15 years of working experience.

Some of the national-level performances he took part in are:

- Khajuraho Dance Festival 2020,

- Shimla Summer Dance Festival 2019,

- Naval Kathak Utsav,

- Nrityanjali Dance Festival,

- Amer Dance Festival, Jaipur,

- Allauddin Khan Samiti Festival, etc.

His international tours and performances:

- Ministry of Culture Festival,

- Performances in Kenya, Tanzania, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman (Muscat), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), China,

- Etc.

Indian classical instrumental music

Shri Jignesh Sheth

Jignesh Sheth is a young versatile Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Tabla Artist and Teacher. He is a disciple of Tabla Legend Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Pandit Divyang Vakil, and Shri Dinesh Patel.

He is an ‘All India Radio and TV’ grade artist and has completed his ‘M.P.A (Master in Performing Arts), Sangeet Visharad, Alankar and Diploma in Music’ degrees with highest ranks and achieved three Gold Medals for highest ranking in Visharad Exam.

Jignesh Sheth has won several international and national competitions and has performed at many prestigious national and international stages and in festivals with famous musicians and kathak dancers around the world. He is an experienced pedagogue and numerous Indian and foreign students learn Indian music and tabla with him. Now Jignesh Sheth is teaching Indian classical music at Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre.

Indian classical vocal music

Shri Arun Dubey

Arun Dubey, a Post-Graduate in Hindustani Music (Gwalior Gharana) is an artist and scholar of high repute with over 20 years of experience not only in the field of music but also in Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation.

Arun Dubey has conducted numerous workshops at the national and international levels on connecting body and mind with music. He was a Music Teacher in State Conservatory, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from August 2009 to April 2011. Arun Dubey is a talented pedagogue and now he is teaching at Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre in Moscow.