Vibrant Tamil Nadu Expo and Summit

Vibrant Tamil Nadu Expo and Summit , Food edition 2018 from 12-15 August 2018 at Grains Yard, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The Tamilnadu Chamber Foundation is organinsing an International Expo and Summit on agro commodities – “Vibrant Tamil Nadu Expo and Summit, Food edition” 2018 from 12-15th August 2018 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This is the first of its kind of expo focused on the food and beverages sector in Tamil Nadu which is one of the leading producers of agro and food products.

The event will be mainly focused on Rice and cereals, Spices and Condiments, Sugar and Salt, Tea and Coffee, Vegetables and fresh fruits, Marine and Poultry food, Milk and Milk products, Bakery and Confectionary, Cashews and Groundnuts, Coconut and its product, Edible oil and seeds, Frozen and functional food, Millets and millet products, etc. Details of the event are available on the organisers’ website- .

The exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to share their insights on latest technological developments/innovations in agriculture, food and beverage sector, food processing, packaging, logistics, cold chain, cold storage, warehousing and branding, preservation and marketing, etc. 

Interested Russian participants may register themselves at

For further information and RSVP please contact: Mr. Anmol Modi, Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Summit 2018, Phone number: +91 79 - 40324827/28, Hand Phone: +91-9429979345,